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Koc Social Identities Lab

Koc Social Identities Lab was formed in 2018 at University of Groningen.

Our aim is to bring together students working with Dr. Yasin Koc for their internships or thesis projects, and provide them a platform to think, discuss, and learn to conduct research collaboratively. 


As a group, we aim to apply and extend the social identity approach to study disadvantaged groups focusing both on their engagement with social change processes and on their wellbeing.


We are a dynamic group. As our members graduated and moved on with their academic careers, they continued to collaborate with us, and now we have members across the world.


Get to know our team and have a look at our research projects and publications.


We all belong to various social groups.

These group memberships shape how we see ourselves and others.

Some group memberships provide us with pride and positive emotions, whereas we face prejudice and discrimination due to some other group memberships.
In Koc Social Identities Lab, we get inspired by societal issues and we conduct research on identity and intergroups processes.


Dr. Yasin Koc, Lab Director

Assistant Professor of Social Psychology

University of Groningen